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Material:      Superabsorbent polymer/stabilizer/preservatives/RO(Reverse Osmosis) water


Product Features :

・ RO (Reverse Osmosis) water that does not contain any impure substance is used for all products.
・ Preservatives are used in the product with gel inside
・ Stabilizer is added to the product that weighs 100g and more. The shape in frozen state stays well.
・ Custom sizes, PB prints and delivery of frozen product are available depending on the condition.
・ Product with adhesive tape is available.


Catch Cool in Non-Woven Fabric

(Non-woven fabric film)

Superabsorbent non-woven fabric absorbs the condensation on the surface and prevents wetting the surrounding area. The greatly improved film strength allows you to use it on products with thorns. Very luxurious!


Product Number Content weights Sizes (mm)
F-30 30g 70×90
F-40 40g 70×100
F-50 50g 70×110
F-100PL 100g 90×140
F-200 200g 110×160
F-300 300g 140×190
F-500 500g 140×220


Catch Cool in Non-Woven Fabric

Harder gel that supports long lasting effect
The standard feature of the future Cool Elements.

Product Number Content weights Sizes (mm)
CH-20 20g 70×70
CH-30 30g 70×90
CH-40 40g 70×100
CH-50 50g 70×110
CH-70 70g 70×130
CH-100 100g 70×150
CH-100PL 100g 90×140
CH-200 200g 110×160
CH-300 300g 140×190
CH-400 400g 140×220
CH-500 500g 140×220
CH-700 700g 165×230
CH-800 800g 190×280
CH-1000 1,000g 190×280


  • Cool-Elements were put in the constant temperature warehouse set to 30°C, and the sensor was measured directly on the surface of the Cool Elements.
  • Cool Elements were frozen for 12 hours using a domestic refrigerator.
  • The above-mentioned is a standard, and not a guaranteed value.
  • The cooling time varies from outside air temperature, initial temperature of the object, kinds of container and other conditions.
  • The cooling time increased to 2.5 ~3 times of the above-mentioned, if we put the cool elements inside a styrofoam box and the outside temperature around 18°C.