Logistic Materials

 A. Stretch Film

Hand Roll

  Width   30cm, 50cm
  Thickness   15µm, 17µm, 20µm, 23µm
  Length   300m, 350m, 450m, 500m


Machine Roll

  Width   50cm
  Thickness   15µm, 17µm, 20µm, 23µm,   25µm, 30µm
  Length   1,200m, 1,500m, 2,205m,       2,500m


B. OPP Tape

      Available in different thickness and color

Rubber Solvent Based

       Applications : Standard to Heavy duty or low temperature Suitable for frozen food or export products

Acrylic Emulsion Based

       Applications : Standard carton sealing

 Width   36 mm ~ 72 mm
  Thickness   45 um ~ 62 um
  Length   45 yard ~ 1,000 yard
  Color   Clear, Brown, Colored, Printed



C. Plastic Pallet

Available in different size and thickness depends on loading capacity

Usage   Oneway (Export), Reused
  Material   PP, HDPE, Recycle material
  Size   1,000mm x 1,200mm
  1,100mm x 1,100mm
  1,200mm x 1,200mm