Photo-luminescent Material

This product is a High Performance Photo-luminescent Path Marking that absorbs and stores light energy (sunlight and fluorescent light) and brightly releases such absorbed light in dark areas. Works as an immediate light source in case of sudden power failure and prevents fatal disasters.

Extreme Durability, Easy Installation and Cost-less, Safe as NON-toxic and NON-radioactive are its features.


A. High Performance Photo-luminescent Tape

Luminance: The use of micro-prism reflection material. The reflective light generates super high level of luminance, which is helpful in dark areas.

B. High Performance Photo-luminescent Sign


C. High Performance Photo-luminescent for House


The product has been used worldwide in various sectors:

  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Residential and Office buildings
  • Industrial plants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Tamper Resistant is a composite system consisting of film with integrated laminate. The system allows individual application of adhesive of different thickness and characteristics.

More features:

Surface sealing, high resistance to external chemical influences, cannot be removed without being damaged, high flexibility and elasticity, high thermal stability, environmentally friendly raw materials.